All units have easy access, wide driveways, personal pin access.
We have security cameras and the Polk County Sheriff drives through after hours.
We ALWAYS have someone available at the office during business hours.

All reservations subject to availability.
You must check-in at the office for payment and provide a valid driver's license / photo ID before using storage space.

5x12 UNIT

Just $50/month

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10x10 UNIT

Just $80/month

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10x12 UNIT

Just $85/month

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10x15 UNIT

Just $90/month

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10x20 UNIT

Just $105/month

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10x30 UNIT

Just $135/month

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10x40 UNIT

Just $205/month

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Outside Fenced-in RV Parking Areas

• Private Pass Code Issued For Entry

Starting at Just $50/month

  • Small bank in: $50.00
  • Large bank in: $55.00
  • Pull through:  $60.00
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Inside "Big Building"
Storage Areas

Starting at Just $105/month

  • Up to 25": $105.00
  • Larger than 25": $125.00
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We accept all credit cards, cash, checks, and online payment. We can also set up auto-pay.

We also have spaces available for boats, trailers, campers and vehicles.
Contact us for pricing and availability.